Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lessons to be learned

I don't know about you but I'm always falling short and making little mistakes but this week I did a big mess up. Well last post I mentioned that we got our curbing done and then the rain ruined it. I called the man who did it three times and just was so sick inside and kept thinking that I should cancel his check. When I didn't hear back from him I decided to do it even though Devin didn't think we should. After I did it I felt so much better. He called us at 7:00 pm and left a message on our phone and said he left his cell phone at home and just got my messages. He was upset that I stopped the check and said he would come out and look at the curbing, and for me to call him back. I felt so bad. I called him back and told him everything I was thinking and he was so understanding and could see my point of view and I think forgave me. I just felt terrible because he did his job and it wasn't his fault that it rained. He had no idea it would have come down like that. In looking back I really should have given him the benefit of the doubt and trust that he would have called me back and we would resolve the conflict. I think more then anything I wish I would have prayed and been more sensitive to the spirit at a time when I really could have used direction.
He is working with us and we pulled out all the curbing and he will come back and redo it for a third of the cost which I feel is reasonable. I took some pictures of all the kids and neighbors who just came to help without us even asking. We have the best neighbors!
This weekend we were able to go to the Temple Open house in Day Break. It was absolutely beautiful. Devin's dad and my mom came with us and we had a great experience. I'm excited that we all can be apart of the dedication. I think it's a neat idea to have a few sessions so families come. We have already approached a neighbor to exchange babysitting so we can attend with Traeden who is old enough to go.
Don and Aliene just got their mission call! They are going to Moscow, Russia. We are so happy for them. They will be serving with the CES program. We speculate they will be working with the Seminary and Institute Program. How neat would that be!
Our Overly Family reunion has been canceled because Grandma Hyatt is in her last days of life. She is an amazing women in her 90's. The last month she has struggled with her health more then usual. Our family feels really good about the last visit we were able to see her this last Easter. She talked with us and the boys shared their musical talents with her which was really special. Aliene has been a rock for her mom the last few years, emotionally and physically. I think this would be a very hard time to lose your mother, but she seems very positive and at peace.
Have a great week!

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