Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday Week

In the Overly Family we have Four birthdays
Abigail's birthday was yesterday June 10th. She just turned one. Just for my reference she has six teeth, is crawling and climbing on everything. She has stood on her own for a bit. Not to interested in walking yet. She loves to play with everything especially if it's not meant to be a toy. She likes to crawl into things, drawers, closets, and cupboards. She is taking two-two hour naps a day. One at 10 am and one at 2 pm. (I love this schedule) She has been weaned for about a month now and loves her bottle. We gave her cow milk today and she wasn't interested in it at all. So I put some Ovaltine in it and she downed it. Don't worry I won't be doing this regularly. =) She doesn't like me to feed her with a spoon. She prefers fingerfoods. She is not shy and babbles a lot. Lately she has a thing she does with her tongue that is absolutely adorable. My brother Danny caught it on camera I'm hoping he'll send me so I can post it.
We have twin cousins, Brock and Brynn turning 6 years old on Friday
Then Samantha will be turning 3 on Saturday. Birthday's are so much fun. I'll do a post about Samantha on Sunday.

Abigail got bath toys for her birthday.

Our birthday bash

The kids loved to help her with her cupcake, but she loved to eat it!
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Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Abby. Do you guys call her that? Sorry if it annoys you but I think it's cute. I can't believe it has been a year.

overlyactive said...

actually we do call her Abby as well as peanut. I think nicknames are fun.