Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's for Dinner?

I have added a little gadget on the right column with this title "Whats for Dinner".  I am only going to put up a weekly menu because I really only cook one meal a week.  (If you are ever interested in a recipe let me know and I'll post it.)
I cook only once a week because yes I'm still in a dinner group.  My grandma will ask me everyone in a while, "Are you still doing that dinner thing?"  After I say yes she says I've got the best recipe for you.  Its great.  This has been so great that our group started about three years ago and were still doing it.  Out of the four originals there are two of us still going strong.  I love, love it!  I cook every Monday for three other families and deliver the dinner to their homes.  We cook/prepare at least two things.  A main course and something to go with it.  We have such a great group of girls who aren't afraid to try new things and are so understanding when things don't go as planned.  They are all such great cooks.  I love that on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, dinner just comes and we eat.  No huge prep work, or clean ups, and yet we eat a homemade meal around our dinner table every night.  Tonight we had delivered pork burritos with green salad.  It was so yummy!  We usually have enough that we eat leftovers for lunches and weekends.  I'm so glad my husband is happy to take leftovers for his lunches everyday.  It saves us a bunch of money!  Yes I do end up cooking some simple meals on the weekend.  I usually cook things that I can make from ingredients already in my pantry.  
FYI... The picture is of three of us who were asked to have a little table at an American mothers conference a couple years ago.  We shared some recipes and our dinner group idea.  Most people look at us like, "Are you crazy?"   I guess we are, but we like it.  


Sandra said...

I think it's great that you still do it. My sister has been in her group for a couple of years but just lost a person so they are down to three. She really likes it although they have had one girl that was really bad and they didn't know how to tell her nicely that her food well was....not so great. They only difference I think from what you do is that they do two sides. Anyway...about the cookies recipe, nope it's not a secret. Remind me and I'll get it to you the next time we have a birthday lunch or playdate.

cbracken said...

WOW! I think I'd be too scared of the pressure of other families relying on me - - but I am enjoying me new plan and look forward to checking out your menu!! GREAT JOB!