Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keeping healthy and Happy V-Day!

So the last two weeks the Overly's have all had their bout of sickness.  We are trying to get and stay healthy.  When we think sickness is coming on we get plenty of rest, increase our fluids, make sure we have yogurt daily, put Vicks on our feet at night, hot tang, and lots of TLC.  
The first week we all had some type of stomach flu.  The night of our Concert, Jan. 31st Conrad threw up all over the couch.  I don't think the babysitter knew quite what to do.  Later I found throw up in a bowl on the counter-I didn't know it was throw up and got quite close to it to figure out what it was---YUCK!  Then as I was snuggled in a chair I found that the blanket I was wrapped up in had throw up on it.  Devin and I were way grossed out.  
This week everyone seems to have a cough and runny nose.  Let hope this is the last of it!
We closed on our house loan today.  We opted to refinance our home to a 15 year loan.  Devin and I have been pretty gitty about it because we went from a 32 year loan to a 15 without paying too much for a month.  We will be saving so much money in the long run.  Hurray!
Just a quick update on all the kids.

Traeden is working on getting his homework done before dinner.  He gets two marbles a day if he does this.  If he gets it done before bed he gets one marble.  After his jar is full of marbles he earns his school T-shirt.  
Conrad loves to play Wii!  He is good at boxing and he is good at baseball.  He is working really hard on the violin.  He is trying to memorise some songs and keep his fingers on the tape and have a good bow hold.  Conrad is earning marbles for good violin practicing.  He is trying to earn his school T-shirt with pictures of all his school friends on the shirt.
Samantha is fully potty trained.  She has stayed dry for several weeks!  We are so excited and she has earned a doughnut.  (This is what she said she wants after she earned enough stickers.)  She has a new big girl bed.  This is the same bed I had when I was a girl.  She loves it and asks us every morning to help her make her bed.  
Abigail is so close to crawling.  She is loving solid food.  Her favorite is pears and apricots.  Yesterday I noticed her first bottom tooth is poking through!  I am not sure I'm ready for my baby to be getting so big.  Her new shoes help keep her feet warm.  Deonne suggested to go to Target and get mini star shoes. My mom picked them up for me and I love love them.  
Enjoy these pictures we took recently with our new camera!


Sandra said...

Wow your kids are getting big. I hope your all better now. Man that would gross me out if I found throw up in a bowl and on a blanket ewww....

cbracken said...

They are SOOO Adorable!