Sunday, February 22, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Thank you on all the info on going private or staying public.  Lots of great tips and info!  I think for now I'm going to keep my blog how it is.  
So this last weekend was much funner and healthier then last.  
Deonne had her baby!  We were able to see her in the hospital but because the baby was in ICU we haven't seen or held her yet.  But the picture was beautiful, she has a great head of dark hair. Very uncharacteristic of her other kids.  
We have been very busy this week.  As you can see from the pictures we went to the Draper Temple Open house.  This was a very good experience for us.  I love the beauty and the feeling I had when we were all in the temple together.  The temple binds our families together so it was neat to show the kids this symbolic building.  Samantha said several times, "pretty."  The boys asked good questions about what things meant, but best of all was the quiet spirit as we looked at the beautiful pictures of the Savior.  My favorite room was the bridal room and the matrons room had my favorite picture of the Girl in the Hollyhocks.  I also enjoyed the murals that were painted by a local artist.  The missionary who took our picture in the cultural hall afterward told us the artist painted it at her home first and then piece by piece would take it to the temple and then paint it on the walls.  What an opportunity!  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I truly know the Temple is the house of God.  I have had so many experiences that have strengthened my testimony about my own divinity as well as the eternal nature of my family.  Last time I went to the temple I was inspired to start working on Genealogy Work.  So now I just need to start step by step.  There is at least another week of the Draper open house so if you haven't been yet,  it would be a great opportunity.  I know they suggest having tickets but if no times are available that you can go I think it would be OK to just go.  We didn't have to show our tickets.  
We are all much healthier now.  And we are so ready for spring!  Yesterday it rained good here and today is just a beautiful day.  

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