Sunday, February 8, 2009

Top Ten Party for 2008

Deonne gave me this great idea to have a Top Ten Party.  So I did.  I invited about 20 people to bring a list of their top 10 ideas that revolutionized their lives that year.  Each guest also brought a food item they made with the recipe.  This turned out to be so fun.  We had 11 of us who met around my kitchen table and shared with each other things that made the year great for us.  Devin took the kids to McDonalds so we could have the house to ourselves.  Thanks Babe! We got money tips, parenting ideas, cleaning/organizing tips, beauty helps, spiritual enrichment and so much more.  Just to keep things moving I used a timer and let everyone have the floor for 10 minutes, which seemed to be enough time to share and have people ask questions.  We laughed, cried, visited, and ate yummy foods.  The majority of the food people brought was desserts.  No complaining here! 
Now I've got some great ideas from 11 amazing moms and women who I adore.  I'm excited to get busy.  

I had a really hard time narrowing my list to ten things but Devin helped me cut out so I could get it to ten.  I will share with you all 20 of my ideas.  I'd love to hear some of yours as well, you may want to have a similar party.  I think I'm going to make it a yearly tradition.  

1.  Online passwords—I hate to remember all my passwords.  Now Devin and I have a secret series of numbers and letters that we both remember and keep the same for all passwords but we just change the ending depending on the website.  Example for Qwest--**********QW

 2.  Extra Insulation for cheaper—we are going to get more insulation for a great deal because of the rebates Rocky Mountain Power (only if you have central air) and Questar Gas.  Find the rebate forms online.  It will end up paying for itself and in some cases you will get more money back then what you paid for.  It’s worth getting a bid.  We called Allsop Insulation who we have heard good things about.

 3.—Want to see if you are getting enjoy fruits and vegetables or want an easy way to see how many calories you are getting in a day check this free site out.  It will even keep track of your daily exercise.

 4.  Kids Jobs on the fridge—I put a weekly job chart on the fridge where the kids mark with a dry erase marker.  I love the no mess list, only really works if your kids can read. We have a rule of no brain drain or friends until their chores are done.  Some days they are more motivated then others but when they want to go play they are very quick in getting jobs done and I love it!

 5.  Book- 123 Magic by Phelan- This is something I just started with our kids and I really love it because I have arguers.   It takes out the arguing and anger out of disciplining.  I would recommend getting the CD set from the Library or Family Information and Resource Center(50 South 400 East Logan, 755-5171).  Devin said this is the first parenting technique he really likes.  I’ve tried several so this is saying something.

 6.  Freecycle Yahoo Group

I have loved this.  We have given away things to people who are so grateful.  I even gave away zucchini when all my neighbors were sick of it. =)  We have got some fun things as well.  The nice thing is they pick it up so you save on gas, and for us we always have to borrow a truck when we need to haul things away. 

 7. Blog- I have enjoyed writing our family experiences and photos for friends and family who live far away. Setting this up is fun and easy.  It’s a great way to do your family history. 

 8.—music online.  The music is based on your favorite music.  You type in an artist or song you really like and then they play music that is similar to it.  It is really fun.

 9.  Food Storage Coop—we are getting our food storage little bits at a time and this group helps by ordering things in bulk.  I’ve gotten some great items at a great price and they even deliver it to my house.

 10.  Recipe

Egg Rolls

1/3 package Rice Sticks (soak in warm water for 10 min, drain)

1/3 lb ground sausage, browned

1 large carrot diced, sautéed

1 stalk celery diced, sautéed

¼ onion diced, sautéed

2 eggs

Mix all together in a bowl.  Roll ¼ cup mixture in egg roll wrapper and cook in hot oil.  Dip in Sweet Chili Sauce (Mae Ploy brand or Buddha brand at oriental store) and enjoy.

My other ideas which didn't make the list this year

11. Scripture Study- Marking Scriptures with color coding—I have started at the beginning of the Bible and use certain colors to mark different languages and doctrinal helps. 

“GR” with green, “OR” with orange, “HEB” with blue, the “IE” with yellow, and the “JST” with red.  I have learned a lot this way and I understand the scriptures better.

12.  Babysitting Swapping--I have several little swaps that make life so much easier.  I trade with Lisa for Relief Society Temple day.  This way we go every other month.  Devin and I like to go on a date so we swap often for this.  I even swap for volunteering at the school.

13. Coupon Binder—I got this idea from Alison Ellis and I love that I can find a coupon anytime I need it.  It’s a zip up binder with baseball card holders in it and alphabetized tabs.  You cut coupons and file them under the name you can remember.  I have about two card holder behind each tab.

 14. Refinancing our home to a 15 year mortgage—we found with the lower interest we can afford to go to a 15 year mortgage for about $60 more a month.  We found the best interest at Bank of Utah.  They have been so great to work with and on the ball!

 15. Family Information and Resource Center—free parenting books, toys, videos, and audio tapes.  It works like a library but everything is geared towards parenting and supporting childhood development.  They also do home visits that I enjoyed for many years with my two oldest children.

16. Pandora—music online.  The music is based on your favorite music.  You type in an artist or song you really like and then they play music that is similar to it.  It is really fun.

 17. Planet Fitness- Going with friends makes all the different.  I love the price and how close it is.  I also love to carpool with neighbors so if you are interested in exercising at 5:30 in the morning let me know!

 18. Edamame—Easy, inexpensive and healthy!   I like the Pica sweet brand.  Cook in microwave and put in a bowl and toss with rock salt.

19.  Hymn Singing—we have tried on and off and hopefully lately we will be more on in singing a hymn as a family at the end of the day before family prayers.  Our boys are getting to know how to sing hymns and will hopefully help them sing more in sacrament meetings.

 20.  Sunday Recitals—we have been doing Sunday recitals were all the kids play a song for the family.  They announce their name and even bow at the end.  I also play a song too which is really good for me.  


Peggy said...

Looks like a fun party!

Lincoln is 15 months.

Sandra said...

Looks like it was fun, I'm sorry I missed it. Great idea to make it a yearly tradition.