Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Helpers in another Accident!

Jan 31st on the way to Macey's Devin and I had another experience helping in an accident.  I saw the accident happen and watched one car (V1) who ran a red light hit another car (V2) who ended up plowing into a river bed off the highway.  I immediately brought it to the attention to Devin who pulled over and started into action.  Devin identified who was in the accident, the drivers and all passengers (awesome job babe!).  Sometimes in an accident someone could be ejected out of a car and no one knows.  Also it's best to have all victims sit down because they could be injured even if they don't think they are.  They could also go into shock.  The vehicle which was in the ditch had the most injuries.  The man driving cut his cheek pretty good and hurt his arm.  They had a dog in their car who flew up in the front seats when they got hit.  It took a few people to help get the couple and dog out of the car since the vehicle was in the water a bit.  Devin got out our blanket and we had the couple and their dog sit on it.  The driver in the other car who caused the accident was an older gentleman who did not want to sit down even after Devin told him to.  He didn't seem to have sustained any injuries.   All he wanted was his coat which Devin got for him.  Devin and another guy started directing traffic and I got out our first aid kit and gave some gauze pads to stop the bleeding of the man (v2) on his face.  While I was standing there he stood up and he felt his left arm tweak, I told him he better stay put until the ambulance gets there. He may have broken his collar bone or dislocated it.  The paramedics showed up soon after and took over.  Devin and I hung out for a bit so we could get our blanket back.  While we stood there both of us were shaking because of all the adrenaline that we both had.  This was such a better experience for us then the last accident.  There were no deaths and we were much more prepared.  What I wasn't prepared for was how hard it was to think of everything that needed to happen.  Especially because there were so many people who were freaking out.  There was one lady who was not involved in the accident but her car almost was hit.  She got out of her car and was running all over and jabbering uncontrollably.  I dealt with her first and told her everything was fine and she could calm down and get in her car.  Devin had to tell a lady who was frozen stiff in her car to move her car out of the way because she was just sitting there in shock.  
I am trying hard to always pay attention to the road and the cars around me.  Accidents effect so many people.  

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