Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick Weekend

So we are grateful for the long weekend where we were able to get well.  Samantha was the most sick.  The doctor told us she had RSV on Friday and said if we were diligent we could keep her home, but if she got worse we would need to admit her to the hospital.  This is the second bout of RSV she has had.  She got it about this time last year as well.  This is the first time oxygen was prescribed.  The home health crew came and brought the oxygen and trained us well.  Samantha did very well with everything.  It wasn't until Sunday that she really fought to keep the oxygen tubes on.  She was feeling so well that she didn't want to just sit there anymore, I can't blame her.  We went to the doctor again today and he said we could have the oxygen picked up from home health.  
Everyone else has cold symptoms but we are doing better and better each day.  

I'm considering making this blog a private blog.  I'm not sure enough about it to make a good decision.  I recently read an Ensign article how members of the church can share their testimonies and be missionaries through so many ways.  It mentioned that writing blogs is one way that people can do that.  So that would be a down side to going private.  An upside is you can decide who you want to read your blog, and you don't have to worry about the safety of your family.  Any thoughts on advantages and disadvantages to having your blog public or private?  I would appreciate your opinions on that.  My mom asked me today if she is suppose to comment after she reads my blog.  I said no but you can and I would love to hear from her.  I like getting feedback, then I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself. (I do that that often enough)  =)  All you have to do is click Comment after the blog entry.  It's fast and easy.


KarateGirl said... there are pros and cons to going private, but the bottom line is that with the 112.8 million blogs, a number which obviously does not include all the 72.82 million Chinese blogs as counted by The China Internet Network Information Center, the chances that someone can stumble on your blog is pretty slim. Now...on the off chance that someone does stumble on your will have to decide on whether to make the change at that time. I am usually careful not to post too specific my apt complex, my ward building, etc...this helps me to feel more comfortable, although I do post where I take karate, where I work, the make of my car...its all what makes up feel safe!! Good luck with gathering data...although if you decide to go private...please keep me in the loop and don't cut me out...LOL.

Bonnie said...

If you are really concerned, you can change your blog address to something that doesn't have your last name in it and avoid posting things like addresses. (You can export your whole blog to a new url so you won't lose anything). Also, change your settings so that your blog can't be found in a google search (you don't have this set right now, because I googled your blog and found it).

Like karategirl says though, the odds that some creep is going to find your blog and stalk you are pretty slim, considering how many millions of blogs are out there. I would take those other security measures first, before privatizing. When you make your blog private then people can't have it come into their google reader, so it keeps them from checking it as often. Or in David's case, never.

Sandra said...

I'm with the other comments. I don't post our address or any other personal info so I'm not worried. I'm sorry to hear about your little girl getting RSV. My little one has a cold but it's all in her head thank goodness. It's sad to see them cough when they are so little. So I'm guessing that Abigail didn't get it right?

David said...

I second Bonnie's comments. I don't generally read blogs unless I can subscribe to them with google reader. Not that I wouldn't ever read your blog if you privatized, but it is just so nice to get a feed of the blogs rather than having to go to the site to see if the person updated their blog.

cbracken said... sorry she's been so sick!

I went private for a while but some friends coudln't figure out how to log in and I just didn't want to mess with helping people stay updated when they wanted to. I like hearing from new people that 'find me' - it is fun.