Monday, February 1, 2010

Tons of Snow!

Yesterday we shoveled 4 inches of snow before church. It was the most snow we have had at one time this winter. It was nice that it was on Sunday because everyone comes out and helps shovel.
Devin gave the combined lessons for YM/YW yesterday. I didn't have any responsibilities in Primary so I was able to hear his lesson. He is such a great teacher! He introduced the 2010 Mutual theme which is Joshua 1: 9: Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord they God is with thee withersoever thou goest.
The church put out a video to help introduce the theme, it is so well done. He showed about 5 minutes of it. I was lucky to watch more at home. I think you can watch it online at Anyway, having an 8 year old it makes me think about how soon it will be when he will be in Young Mens. That will come before I know it. I'm so relived to have the church who will help guide his life. You do as much as you can at home and I think mutual really helps youth strengthen their testimonies and find the support and friends they need to stay strong.
We went to Crystal Hot Springs with Deonne's family on Saturday Night. It was great fun. We also shared a treat at Peaches. It's neat that our families have really gotten close in the last couple years. Abigail and Cody hug and kiss each other every time they see each other. It's way cute.
The boy's are way excited for us to go because they get to spend the time with Grandma on the weekend and then with their best friends during the school week. I wonder if they will even miss us.
We just booked our hotel and vented a SUV to drive to Disneyland last week. Like I mentioned before we will be going the last week in October. This was the kids Christmas present from Mom and Dad (us). They didn't really miss the presents at all. Sometimes I think we make to big of a deal over how many presents their going to get. We thought, will they be disappointed? We didn't have any of that, so that was refreshing.
I lost my camera for a while so now I need to upload Christmas pictures to share. So that's my goal for the next post. Happy February!


Sandra said...

I've thought about my boys being in YM too. It's nice that Kevin knows all about scouting and all the requirements. ARE KIDS ARE GETTING SO BIG!!! I think it's great that the kids were happy with no presents. I think we should try that :) Oh I was going to tell you, we booked our cruise :) Woopie!!!! I'm pumped. We will be going the beginning of March. I was talking to Trudy and we think we should all get together to look at pictures when we are all back :)

Michael and Julie said...

you all are more than welcome to come on over here and watch a movie! long as we are invited to tag along on your disneyland vacation! :) sounds like fun!