Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting ready to go!

Part of the fun of going on the cruise was getting ready to go. Picking what I would wear, buying new clothes, shoes, going to my Grandma's where she lent us luggage and gave me a bunch of jewelry and shoes. If was fun imagining I could wear my sandals and swimsuit in a few weeks and then days even though there were days I didn't see the sun in Logan.
A couple weeks before we went we started working out at Golds Gym. They have a place you can tan right there. Devin thought that would be so great. I wasn't convinced I really wanted to tan. But after some research we decided to give it a go. The first time we went tanning, Devin convinced me to go first. So I'm standing there (it's one you stand in not lay down) I push the button to have it start and big flash and light and a boom happened and then all the lights went out and cold fans are blowing on me. After a minute of this I yell out, Devin, I don't think this is working. So I got out and the lady explains they have had some trouble with it. They will get an electrician there to fix it. So we try it again 3 more times and it never worked for us. The weird thing is people would use it right before with no problems and then it was our turn and it would break. Sometimes it would flicker lights, sometimes it would go for one minute and then turn off. We decided it must not be for us and got all our money refunded.
I got a hair cut and a pedicure which was really fun. Then we did a lot of dancing to the song, "Lets Go" by Lionel Richie. Really fun song that helped us get in the mood. In these pictures is the airplane pizza, Deonne and Greg eating their burgers, the airplane trip. Greg and his checked luggage (yes he checked his beach paraphernalia). We got lots of pictures of the boys and their shirts, my cute toes. And Devin and I posing outside the ship dock.
Off all the things we brought with us on the trip we didn't lose a single thing. That is amazing for me.
One thing I bought before we left that was really nice to have was a little purse that held my money, passport, Drivers Licence, Sign and Sail card. It was small and I hung it around my side. I found it at the Logan Regional Hospital gift shop. I shopped at 5 other shops before someone told me to go to the hospital. Random place but it was the perfect size and I felt like my money was safe. Its on me in the pictures if you can tell.
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JCCB said...! I sooo hope to go on a cruise one day! I'm glad you guys had a safe and marvelous trip! Woo Hoo!

Sandra said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE TOES!!!! Where did you go again? I want to go get a pedicure. I think I will go and get my eyebrows waxed too he he. That is such a bummer about the tanning beds, I can't believe you tried that many times and it wouldn't work. Crazy.

overlyactive said...

I was lucky to go with Deonne since it was my first. We went to Foxy Nails (the one by Lee's Marketplace). They do a great job. The chair even massages your back while your toes get done. The designs are so cute and fun.