Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Pics-Slide Show in Belize

I just got our disk of pictures from the waterproof camera we got for Cave Tubing. What an awesome excursion. We booked our excursion through They were really fun. The water was really low during some of the river so they would yell, "Cave Tubing" and we would yell back "Butt's Up" This way they could find us in the dark cave and it was also a warning to keep your bum up. The rain forest we walked through was magical. I loved every minute of the hike up to the caves. Our guide showed us some awesome trees, he even stirred up a termite nest and invited the brave to eat one. We saw Poison Oak, Coconut trees, Inside out tree and lots of other foliage. The caves itself were really cool. Lots of Stalagmites, stalagtites and Columns. It was really wierd to see water bottles that were up at the top of the caves. When the river was so high the water bottles got lodged up at the top. Anyway enjoy the fun pics (I just wish the pictures would really capture how beautiful and green it really was).


Sandra said...

Did the camera only take black and white picture? Looks like a blast.....your getting me so excited!!!

overlyactive said...

Hey I watched it in Black and White and didn't like it plus the flowers were way to distracting so here is another version.