Sunday, February 21, 2010


All week we have been speculating and guessing how our ward will be reorganized. Last Sunday, they day we came back from the cruise they announced our ward will be split. We have been her for 7 years and it will be hard to say goodbye to those you have served with. I have loved our ward but for the past year it has gotten so large that it's hard to get to know everyone that moves it. I use to be able to go visit everyone that moved in. It became some a job that I just stopped. I know that pathetic but really we have two or three new families read in every week. They said we have over 700 people in College Ward right now. We have over 200 in primary. Primary is so full we hardly have enough seats to fit.
There has been lots of thoughts that the new ward that is created will drive to the stake center in Mendon to go to church. I hope that is the case. Our building is very small and to hold four wards would be crazy. But I also heard that the new ward may go to a Nibley Stake ward. I think I will be in the new ward but we will see. I will support the new decision and do my best to make the transition easy. Here we go!

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Sandra said...

That would be crazy to have 200 kids in primary. Good luck with all the new changes.