Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting Ready

So we are counting the days of leaving for the cruise! It will be here before we know it. I've been getting clothes together, I've bought some, borrowed some and that has been fun! Devin and I want to get fit and trim, and with this much time left we can't do too much but we sure are trying. I went the gym everyday this week!
I am feeling a little nervous about my kids. I know they will be in good hands but 7 days without them will be a long time. I just hope they don't get too homesick, or have an accident where they get hurt. I think that is just the worrier in me but I hope once we are away I can relax and know they will be just fine. Lots of praying!
Last weekend the kids and I went to spend some time with the Overly's. We did a lot of talking about the cruise and what everyone is bringing and wearing, and wow it will be so exciting. We went sledding and everyone had a great time and we had no broken bones in the end. =)
Devin stayed with my family to do some electrical work on the house. They are changing out old lines for new ones in my old bedroom and the bathroom. Then they will start putting in subflooring and insulation. It will be nice, I remember my room was pretty cold at night. Devin really felt he should be their to help on the three day weekend and they got a lot accomplished thanks to him, and my two brothers.
So we are planning a Disneyland trip. This was the Christmas present we gave the kids this year. We aren't going until October but we want to get dates and a hotel booked. For those of you who have gone to Disneyland before with their kids, how many days would you recommend going? Do you have any suggestions for us? This is our first and probably our last so we want to have a great experience.


Michael and Julie said...

oh that is so exciting! where are you going on your cruise? michael and i are going on one too in a couple of weeks to the mexican riviera. i hope you guys have fun!

Sandra said...

That was nice that Devin could help. We have been searching Cruises and found a great one on Royal Carribean for a balcony. We haven't booked it yet because we are unsure about the dates. Anyway, as for Disneyland we camp on the beach so I can't recommend a hotel. We will be going in June with Kevin's family. That was his parents Christmas gifts to everyone was a beach site and tickets for everyone to Disneyland. Last time we went we had three kids, Luke was four months old. We'll see how this goes with five now, I'm sure it will be an adventure :) The kids are super excited, Jacob even prays about it :) Ya know the last time we went I think we just went to the regular Magical Kingdom part, I don't know much about the other parks. Sorry.

Michael and Julie said...

Oh wow! We almost went on that same cruise, except I don't know about the dates - we are leaving February 7-14th. Yeah I guess we are a little spoiled, this will be our second cruise together, but we want to do it all before we start our little family (no, no announcement yet :) what days are you guys going? What a great trip with all the brothers and sisters (minus David) I hope you guys enjoy it! You deserve it

Peggy said...

We are going to Disneyland in October too! The boys will be on fall break so we are taking the week to enjoy it. We are planning on driving out and probably do 3 day park hoppers. This will be our first time with kids and we are planning on staying in one of the park hotels. When Larry and I went in '02 we stayed at a Holiday Inn about 2 miles from the park. It had a free shuttle to the park. It was nice but with kids might just be one more hastle to deal with. There are lots of hotels just across the street but of course I can't remember what any of them are.
Maybe we'll see you there!

Peggy said...

Have a great time on your cruise! Sounds wonderful but 7 days is a long time w/o kids. Enjoy!

Jamie Hyatt said...

How exciting, have a great time!!!