Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year-fun changes

Well it's been a fun new year so far. The day before the first week in primary we had a "Meet your Teacher" activity to hopefully alleviate confusion on Sunday. I was in charge of the food. We bought 18 dozen donuts, 4 gallons of chocolate milk, 6 containers of Sunny D, and 2 gallons of regular milk. We didn't have many leftovers. We had all the children find there teacher at a table with their name on a place mat. They got to color their place mat until it was time to eat breakfast. The kids got to come in their P.J.'s which they thought was really cool. We had a mock sharing time about reverence with the Junior Primary while the Senior Primary placed a get to know you game in their classes, and then they switched places. This really helped the kids get to know their teacher and where they sat so the Presidency didn't have as many confused children on Sunday. Samantha had her first day in Sunbeams which she loved. There are three sunbeam classes this year! We had so many Junior Primary kids that we didn't have enough seats for all of them. Some of the teachers sat in the very back to accommodate them all. I think I've mentioned how large are ward is but it's even bigger now. The bishopric reads in at least two new families every week.
Abigail loves nursery. Even without Samantha in there with her. She is really into hugging people. She has become the social butterfly and will go to almost anybody and hold her hands up for them to pick her up.
Conrad gave a talk in Primary today. I feel bad because it ended up being way to long. I should have condensed the story he told better. But the kids were very reverent during his talk. He told a story about a family who traveled to America on ship to come to Zion and how their ship ran into pirates. Luckily the pirates didn't harm or bother them. The little girl in the story was grateful their family prayed for protection and safety every morning. Conrad was so excited to tell a story in church about pirates.
Traeden and his dad love playing Mario Cart together. Devin likes to focus while he plays and Traeden talks and talks. It's pretty funny.
I've been doing a little bit of organizing and moving things around in the house. We moved the boys into the office room and we have both beds on the floor instead of as bunk beds. The office room now has two closets to organize and store things. Devin built shelves for me yesterday for me to put my instruments and music boxes on.
We had a neighbor give us some couches for our front room. It really makes the room cozy and warm. We moved the piano between the book shelves and the couches face each other. It's been a great change.
Anyway we are doing well and are grateful for a new year and new beginnings and hopefully some new good habits.

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Sandra said...

How fun, I want to come see the changes :) Jacob is in Sunbeams this year. He is the youngest since his birthday was just Dec 30th. They say he's doing good though. Sounds like some fun changes especially the shelves for your music stuff.