Friday, August 28, 2009

Till we Meet Again

Devin's Grandma Hyatt passed away August 19 at age 91. She was a remarkable woman and we were blessed to know her. All of Devin's siblings were able to attend the funeral this weekend. I have been reflecting on how blessed I am because of not only my good posterity but my husband's. September's 1st Presidency message by President Uchtdorf is entitled "The Influence of Righteous Women" As I read this article this morning I couldn't help think of Grandma Irene Hyatt. She left such a great legacy of faith for me and my children to follow. Some of the things I think are her influence has blessed so many.
1. She served of approximately 80 years in the same calling, Ward organist. That is amazing to me. How many of us get burned out of our callings after a couple of years?
2. She raised four children, had 19 grandchildren and 42 great-grandchildren. As far as I know all the boy grandchildren went on missions and I think got there eagle scout awards. All of those grandchildren who have been married were sealed in the temple.
3. She was such a hard worker. She kept up an active lifestyle until the last few months of her life. She would be seen out in here well kept garden everyday where she had the most beautiful rose bushes.
4. She loved life and made everyone around her feel special and needed.
I was never an in-law in her eyes. She treated me like one of her own and I really appreciated that.
(The above picture is the last time we spent with Grandma, Easter weekend. The boys were able to play there instruments for her. She gave them many encouraging words which we will treasure forever.)


Sandra said...

Sorry for your loss. That's always hard espcially when they love and treat you like their own.

Deonne said...

Thanks for writing such a beautiful post about grandma. She has left a great example for us all to follow.