Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Fun

We went camping with friends up Green Canyon. Wow it is so nice up there. So green, shady, and free! We loved it. Abigail with Westwood's boy (sorry Sandra I can't remember which one, Luke?)-getting really dirty camping with friends
Abigail is getting really close to walking. She has taken a few steps, Ohh big girl!
Grandma and Grandpa came for a night stay last week. We took them to Tummi Yummi's. This is a place you have to check out next time you need a cool treat. It's in the corner of 14th north and Main. Close to Little Cesears Pizza. They have self-serve frozen yogurt plus tons of fun toppings. The great thing is you pay by weight. The treats are good but that's not all. They have a game room with basketball, fooze ball, and shuffle board. Be sure to check out the bathrooms as well-they are really cool.

The whole family (well almost) enjoying the bean bag fun.
This week we have had Danny's kids with us. The cousins have had a lot of fun playing together. We will get a return favor in a week when Devin and I go backpacking in the Tetons for our anniversary. 11 years of marriage--Pretty Awesome! Have a great day!!
P.S. Thank you Vance Family for the photo tips--I love the format!


Peggy said...

I remember camping up Green Canyon with the Oldhams once. So fun!
Happy Anniversary next week. It sounds like you have some fun plans. I'll be checking for some amazing pictures when you get back.

Sandra said...

That was fun! Your right it is Luke in the picture.