Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pioneer Day Celebrations

Samantha loving the kitty! She is found outside with that cat so much during the day. Badge puts up with a lot and doesn't put up a fuss. She has grown a whole bunch lately.
The kids had so much fun catching candy at the parade. Deonne and Greg's family even came to see the parade with us.
Friday morning bike ride on the Legacy Trail. What a great trail that is.
Scott and his family walked the trail with their cute kids.
At the park after swimming the kids choose one thing to do. We had to cheer for Abigail every time she went by so she wouldn't cry.
They had handcarts people could try out with their family
Daddy is home! Devin was gone for a week with scout camp. We are so glad he is home.
Hope you all had a great Pioneer day!


Shanell said...

Was that on Center street? We were going to go but ended up doing something else. I love living in a small town, they offer many fun community events that are not too crowded and still full of fun! I can't wait for the Fair and Rode. Yeehaw!

overlyactive said...

We are in Bountiful for these events. These are the memories I grew up so it's fun to share with my kids.

JCCB said...

Soo fun!! Hooray for family, summer and pioneers1