Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Introducing Badge

We took Abigail to the doctor for her 1 year well visit this past week. She is in the 5 percentile in weight and 30th of height. This is crazy for our family. Our others have usually been off the charts in weight almost their whole first year. Conrad was on the smaller side but not this small.
I wanted to give a report of our curbing fiasco. We did get it resolved with the contractor. He ended up redoing the whole thing for $1 a foot (we had already paid $3 a foot for the first pouring). Yesterday I spent two hours rolling a sealant on it so it will stay nice. With all the rain it was really hard to find a day in June that didn't rain so he ended up doing it and then protecting it with a cover and sand over the top of it. I'm just glad we are done with it.
Samantha is feeling much better. She bounced back on Monday but I kept her mostly indoors for Monday and Tuesday. She sure loves to play outside with friends and with our kitten-Badge. Yes we just got a new kitten. She is a calico cat and so adorable. She has a pink collar with a bell on her so we can keep track of her. The kids adore her and spend quite a bit of their day playing with her outside. Samantha carries her around everywhere. It's been interesting to see Devin get attached to the kitten as well. Before we got Badge did not like cats one bit. But he is really warming up to this cute one. He even installed a cat door in the garage last night. Devin let the kids get the cat on two conditions: 1-The cat only stays outside or in the garage 2-the kids are responsible for feeding and cleaning out the litter box. They are doing very well with both.


Sandra said...

How fun. I would love a cat but Kevin is allergic. I guess it's good, since I'm sure I'd be the one taking care of it. The kids really want a dog but I really don't want dog dodo on my lawn. I'm glad you got the curbing all figured out. So did everyone have to pay 1 dollar more? Or is this just in front of your house so your responsible?

overlyactive said...

We had to pay but we had a neighbor that helped us with the strip in-between our two yards. So basically it cost in the end $4 a yard (for both pourings) Which was still a great price since we got a color and a pattern on it. I think it looks nice.