Saturday, July 18, 2009

Super Saturday

(Pictured above Kids doing the sponge game and Abigail even helping out. Gwenda getting Traeden back for getting her wet. )
What a day it's been. We got up bright and early to head to Grandma and Grandpa Overly's home. They were selling their truck and we have been contemplating getting a truck for quite some time so the timing was great for us. We were told by Dad Overly that the tires were so bad they would need new tires. Kent and Don were going to put new tires on but Devin would rather get them himself and have the tires in his name. They agreed on one condition: that we drive straight to the tire store. It's always good for the kids to visit their Great Grandparents. Conrad is completely terrified of their tiny dog "Lady" She is a bit spastic but harmless. Conrad wanted to stay in the van during the visit but Devin had him get out with tears running down his face. I noticed Grandma's shoelaces were the coiled and stretchy. She got so excited to show us these laces and she showed us how they worked. She was so tired of the laces coming undone and a store clerk showed her these "elastic" laces. It was cute to see her so excited about something simple. We got a tour of their yard. I can't believe she still is growing tomatoes at age 93. If I live that long I hope I can still do as much as she does. Grandpa was moving slow but he is still walking relatively well with his cane. Speaking of old age, today I ran into a man at the bank who is 96 and walks all over. He wears really cool hats (the bank tellers told me) and has so much spunk and zest for life.
After our visit we headed to Jack's Tires in Orem since they have one close to Devin's work, but we didn't make it. Devin got a flat about two or three miles down the road. We got split up because of a parade going on and he called me to come find him. The tool that gets the spare tire lowered down bent while Devin was using it (the mounting bolt was rusted). This was also the tool that you use to jack up the car so we were in big trouble. Luckily Big O Tire was very helpful and drove to us and helped get the tire off and drove Devin to the store and got a new tire and then drove the whole truck to get the rest of the tires on. Wow what an ordeal.
The kids and I headed to the Grow family reunion while Devin stayed with the truck. The reunion was huge. I was suprised how many people came. We filled the park with people. It was great to visit with some family I haven't seen in a while. I found out that the game we played, the sponge game is a traditional game. You divide into two teams and the kids run a sponge from a full bucket and squeeze the sponge into the empty bucket. The goal is to get all the water from the start bucket to the end. The winning team gets to pour the bucket on the losing team. The kids thought that was so much fun. The first time we played it where all the kids stood in between the line and they passed the wet sponge down the line and the little kids froze up and were confused and the older kids got upset with the younger ones who were not fast enough. Individual runs worked better for the age group we had.
The Grows had a bazaar like the Titensors. They didn't do an auction though they did a number deal where you sign your name by the item on a number then they drew out your number and you pay the asking price. I got some really cute girl bows made by Evonne and a pink winter hat with a ribbon in it. Traeden wanted the candy sacks for a dollar. It was an awfully hot day so luckily there was lots of shade trees to keep us cooler.
Samantha is getting quite independent. She wanted to go to the bathroom and half way there she says to me, "You stay right here and I'll go to the bathroom." I thought that was pretty cute. Last week I forgot to mention that the Doctor called Abigail a little fire starter. She was climbing all over his equipment which is very normal. She even climbs up the playset ladder outside which is crazy because she isn't even walking, yet she loves to climb ladders--it sure scared Devin and I to death the first time we saw here half way up the ladder. Now we have to keep a close eye out for her. Her hair is getting lighter and longer so I can finally put a tiny pony in it.
Traeden is way into Pokemon cards. He has a few neighbor friends that get together and trade and look at cards.
Side note is I just love Pandora radio. I made a Mormon Tabernacle Station that is awesome. It rarely plays Mo-tab but it plays some beautiful arrangements of hymns. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon while I'm blogging. =)


Sandra said...

Looks like a fun Saturday. My Grandma Steele is in her 90's too and I'm always amazed at how much she can do. It's so hard to see them age though. She is getting to the point where she repeats stories and forgets things. Anyway, I guess we shall see you guys next weekend eh?

Tyler Vance said...

Heather, when you upload images, you have several layout options that show up in the upload window. I choose "center" which allows you to write below the pics. It's easiest to upload all the photos at once, from the last photo to the first - so know before hand what order you want them in. After they are all uploaded, you can type in between them. Don't try to click and drag the photos, however; they will lose the link to the larger pic. Hope this helps.

Shanell did see Proposal and liked it. See you the end of the month.