Monday, July 20, 2009

Poll Results: Nylons


Results: 12 people voted
41% wore church shoes and nylons
41% wore just church shoes
16% wore only sandals
0% wore flip flops

I needed to post this now because I'm working on changing the background and when I did it to my other blog it deleted the poll about napping when I put a new template on. Oops. So if you voted on the other blog could you do me a favor and do it again and it will give you an excuse to check out the face lift I just put on. I think it's much more fun!
So the nylon issue was really interesting to get feedback from all of you. In the meantime I've done some investigating and found a few things out I thought I would share. I talked to a sister missionary helping at the temple open house in May and she said it is a requirement for her mission that the sister missionaries where nylons with their dress shoes.
I was also thinking about men and their attire. It's pretty cut and dry. White shirt, tie, dress shoes and usually dark socks, and if your really looking snazzy you put a suit on or blazer. I personally decided until it's OK for the men to wear sandals to church I'll save mine for the other days of the week, which is hard for me because I love my sandals and flip flops. And the nylon thing is hard for me as well for a few reasons: 1. my legs are so long I have to get mongoloid sized nylons to fit right 2. They are hotter especially in the summer 3. Not many younger girls are wearing them 4. It takes me longer to get ready
Despite these very important points I've concluded to wear them to church and to the temple every time. I may not be in fashion but I do feel dressier and the extra minutes to put them on may help me get in the right frame of mind for worshiping the Lord I love.


Sandra said...

I agree. I wear them for respect and to make Sunday separate than the other days of the week.

overlyactive said...

Thanks Bonnie and David for the tips on the font color not showing up in igoogle. I changed a few other colors to make it easier to read please give me feedback that will help you read with more ease. Thanks!

Evie B. said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one.

I don't feel that the choice to wear nylons or not determines how reverent and spiritual my Sundays are. I think that the core of our church is based on personal progress and relationships with our Heavenly Father and I have a hard time believing that I'm somehow less respectful of Him if my toes happen to show through my dress shoes.

I love the new blog design, BTW.