Monday, August 17, 2009

The Grand Tetons

For our 11th Anniversary we decided to do a backpacking trip to the Grand Tetons. Here are words that try to describe the beauty.

Quiet and Regal Beauty--Grand Tetons

Picturesque Skies with fast moving clouds
Wildflowers daring to grow mid rock and stream
Pikas scamper and screech at passerby's
Musty smell of wild game
Watching out for hidden danger
Hidden lakes, streams and waterfalls on every turn
Majestic and jagged mountains
Huge Boulders and tiny slate
One step up at a time, reaching great heights
Soft snow falls while safe and warm
Friendly hikers, encouraging words
Taken by the scenes before me
Grateful for God who created it all

A huge shout out to Melissa, Danny, Mom and Dad for watching the kids so we could go!
P.S. This park is an amazing place for families. Lots of picnic areas, beautiful small and large hikes, great bike/rollerblade trail, you can rent canoes and boats. We will be back for more fun with our family next year!
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Sandra said...

Wow eleven years huh... your old he he just kidding. Looks like you guys had fun.

Deonne said...

We want to go with you next year - sound good?

Shanell said...

The Tetons are gorgeous, looks like you both had a great time. I love the trips with out the kids!
Happy Anniversary!