Sunday, August 9, 2009

Real Soccer game

Devin got tickets through work to a Real soccer game. We were way excited to go! Both Devin and I are soccer fans. I like to watch it but I would rather play. We actually didn't see the Real team play. Instead it was an All star game Everton vs. MLS all stars. It was an exciting game which ended at a tie 1 to 1. They did a shoot out which happened to be at the goal we were closest too. Everton ended up winning but I think the All stars played a better game.
We had my mom watch the kids and we decided to take the UTA front runner from Woods Cross into Salt Lake and then take the TRAX to the game. They are running a summer special so for both of us to ride round trip it was only $10. It took about an hour to get there which was great because then we didn't have to worry about parking, which a lot of lots were $10 or more. I was impressed that there were quite a few soccer fans riding the bus. The only hangup is after the game we got to the TRAX great and once we got to the front-runner station we had an hour wait until the last front-runner left. This way they get all the late owls in one train. Since we were going home that night with the kids we thought we better call Dad. So he came and rescued us. So much for saving on gas, but it was a good test to see if we would do it again with the whole family. We definitely will when we can. The kids would love it-no seatbelts. We were thinking of Bonnie and David in NY who travel this way everyday and it's not a big deal. I hope it becomes more popular to ride buses in S.L. and in Logan. It takes a bit of planning but I think using the busing services is a great way to travel, not to mention it's better on the environment. Devin said this would be the only way he could survive if he lived in the Wasatch Front-he hates the traffic and congestion. He would get a good book and read while he traveled to work.

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Shanell said...

My kids love taking trax, but we haven't done the front runner yet. That is a very nice deal!

We used to get hooked up for tickets and so we could go for free, I'm not sure I'd pay to go. Same with the Bees, if you don't get a good seat it isn't that entertaining for the little ones. Hooray for hook-ups!