Sunday, September 13, 2009

Feeling a bit full

Since school started, I've been racing just to keep up with daily things. I really thought when I sent Traeden and Conrad to school for full day I would have more time. Wow was I wrong. I agreed to watch a neighbor's little boy three days a week while she teaches school. I also am watching another neighbors boy who is in kindergarten. I have him until the other kids come home. It really hasn't been that hard of an adjustment and I really like that when Traeden and Conrad get home from school I can focus on them and their homework. But yes I don't have as much spare time as I would like. I was asked by another neighbor just this week to take her two kids during the day as well and I had to say no. I don't want to run a daycare and that would be just too much. I have a hard time saying no to anyone but I did it.
The kids are loving life. Samantha started dance lessons! She is so cute in her little pink leotard. I like having a little time with Abigail alone. Conrad started orchestra which normally begins in 4th grade. I asked the new orchestra teacher at Thomas Edison if Conrad could try it and see how he does. Well he is playing twice a week with the 5th graders after school. I am really proud of him. Traeden is doing so well in school so far this year. He come home and gets his homework done quickly and without complaint. I'm really hoping it continues. He seems to really like his teacher and his classmates.
I really am doing well and everyday I feel like I am a little more together. It's really hard to coordinate all of the schedules and play taxi driver and then have a clean house. The house right now is suffering especially because this week I canned peaches almost everyday. We got some peaches from Devin's parents and then I bought some from Brigham to get our yearly supply. I love bottled peaches so much more then canned. Our garden is producing tons of tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, and peppers. I am hoping to get all the beans canned this week and then I'll start on the tomatoes. Fall is a really busy time but one of my favorites. The colors have already started changing and it's so beautiful. I decided to do a slideshow since it's been so long since I've done a post. Enjoy.


Sandra said...

Where do you have her in dance lessons? Our garden is producing great too although I'm not as great as you (I don't bottle) We have tomatoes coming out of our ears!!!

overlyactive said...

Just a lady that lives in Nibley. It's really nice to have it close.
Sandra-you would love canning! We'll have to get together and try it once. Then you can use those tomatoes throughout the winter. It's so nice.

JCCB said...

Great pics! Looks like your happy family is keeping busy and doing well. xxx ooo

overlyactive said...

Grandma T said...
YOu bring memeories back for me. I used to put up 300 quuarts of peachs every fall . And when I was teaching plus family and church It was a really stressful time for me. You seem to take things so calmly and good. I love your blog when i can find it. Thank you for emailing me I love it. I read a story yesterday that told of a lady who was writting her children letters. I am thinking that would be a good thing to do even for a grand- greatmother. In the long run i think that may be more of a joy that tryng to keep up with face book. I cannot get in to that too well. And just a word of information for you. even when you get old and retire it seems difficult to keep up with the responsibities that just jump into your lap. But I am glad they do, once in a while they are cute and huggely. Love GrandmaT