Sunday, September 27, 2009

Music Therapy and R.S. Conference

Saturday I drove down with my kids and a music therapy colleuge to my parents house. We dropped them all off and headed to Primary Children's Hospital for the UAMT conference on Self-care. Devin picked the boys up on his way down to Cedar City for Don and Aliene's speaking assignment before they go to Moscoe Russia! Because our Primary program is really soon and the two conferences on Saturday I decided to stay home with the girls.
I feel so enriched after attending both of these conferences. The music therapy conference we had four different workshops, Dance Therapy, Professional Marketing, Chakra Toning and Quantum Touch, and MARI Assessment. I had fun reconnecting with music therapy friends. Some I have not seen for a long time. I had a great time visiting and catching up at lunch and in between workshops. The title of Self-Care for the music Therapist really fit what I needed. Sometimes we go through life taking care of everyday things, mothering, our jobs, cleaning, church callings, fun activities, but we forget to take the time to do our own personal care. I believe everyone needs time to decompress and reconnect with who we really are. If we don't do this we get burned out and are not effective in serving others. The ones we love the most are neglected. This conference gave us some ideas of things you can do. Some cost lots of money, some are time-consuming, and others are very simple and no-cost.
I personally have committed in doing better to find time to do my spiritual self-care. I would like to be more regular in reading my scriptures. I was reading my journal a little while ago and I saw in several entries a similar goal of reading the scriptures. This is something I have always struggled with. I keep setting goals and time escapes me and I've gone back to my bad habits.
Relief Society General Meeting is always a highlight for me. I especially enjoyed Barbara Thompson's words. She is so genuine and good natured. I'm impressed with her wisdom and great attitude about her purpose in life. I re-commit to relish where I am today. Relish the ages of my children and the fun stages they are in. I do not want to wish for tomorrow. Tomorrow is only built on what we do today. I also want to be a better Visiting Teacher. I felt during the meeting that I could do much better in serving and loving my sisters. Even though I am serving in the Primary right now I want to feel more connected to Relief Society. I will try to put more energy into visiting teaching and work hard to support the activities R.S. has. It has been a great weekend for me. I'm really looking forward to more spiritual feasting next weekend.

Just a side note. Traeden's Primary teacher was called to be the new Y.W. pres in our ward and she told me today that last week in class he asked her thoughtfully, "Does this mean you're fired?" She said "I guess it does." She has been a wonderful teacher for him and we will miss her in Primary.

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Sandra said...

Ha ha to be fired from a calling, thats cute. I too liked Sister Thompsons talk. My sister turned to me as they started talking about Visting Teaching and said she hated to do it. I asked why and she said she didn't know she just doesn't like to do it. I told her to "just do it!" There are many things we may not like to do but as they put it we are doing the Lords work. I myself love Visiting Teaching. I'm partnerless right now but I still had fun visiting by myself this month. I think it's just as much for me as it is the sisters I visit. How fun that tyou got to go to the Music Therapy conference.