Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buddy Walk

I have a hard time coming up with original titles. I keep thinking maybe I should put the date. Well I'll keep thinking. Yesterday Devin went down to my parents to work on the porch. He said they got all the under part done. Now they just need to put the top part on. (not sure what the terminology is on that) I'll have to take a picture next week when I go down to visit. They also put a stone bridge in that took about eight guys to get into place. I don't think they will be moving that for a long long time! They have some new pools and a river and a beach for the kids to play in. Devin said it is really cool.
The kids and I stayed home to do some yard work, housework, canning, and we played a bit too. We gave our freezer to Utah Power on Saturday as well. It was on the brink of dying so we thought we better get it picked up before it was completely dead. (They only give you money if the freezer still works) Guess what Santa is bringing the Overly family for Christmas?
The pictures below is us at the Buddy Walk for Cache Valley. We have a little boy in our subdivision who has down syndrome so we thought it would be neat to have our family go and support him and his family. The kids had a blast. They had the walk, bounce houses, fishing treasure hunt in saw dust, lunch, and a raffle where you could buy a ticket to win prizes. Traeden and Conrad brought their own money and bought some tickets. Traeden won two prizes and shared with Conrad and Samantha since they didn't win anything. He really can be a nice brother.
We got Abigail's pictures taken professionally yesterday as well. They turned out so cute. As soon as I get them back I'll post some pictures.
I don't watch one of the boys during the day anymore. I'm feeling a little less busy. His grandma is going to be watching him. So I only have one extra from 11:30 am to 3:30. Not bad. I've got a poll on this blog so take a minute to answer the question about your garden this year.

Samantha was not going to stand by those scary guys until our next door neighbor, Christy, took her hand and got her to pose for the picture. These star wars fans are really neat, they go to events like the buddy walk and other charitable events and interact with the kids. Get pictures with them. My boys thought it was so cool!

Samantha loved getting her face painted and even got her finger nails painted.
Boys show off there paintings
There was not a lot of people that came so all my kids could go in and out of the bounce house as much as they wanted. Even Abi loved it!
Have a great week! We love you!


Peggy said...

Wow, my boys would have freaked out about the stormtroopers. Sounds like a fun day!

Sandra said...

My boys would have been in awe at them! Looks like a fun time.