Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Got sick

Wrote this 2/16/2013 but never published

I'm trying this for the first time while in bed with my ipad.  I have really enjoyed having an iPad
And maybe even more now.  I've had a crazy couple weeks.  Last week I started getting sick I believe from the foreboding of a very busy week.  When we were planning for the week, we discussed that we had two activities we were helping with to feed the ward.  The blue and gold banquet, I cooked six batches of chili for Navaho tacos.  The rest of the ingredients I just bought and had some other leaders chop and prepare.  That day I had everything ready but I had lessons for the kids in wells like and nibley.  Well I had left a little early from lessons to be sure to get home on time.  This is when I realized I had bee driving on empty and I ran out of gas.  Lucky for us we were in front of a great friends house.  I borrowed her car to fill up there gas can, she watched my kids and we filled up the car from the can.  That is harder then I thought it would be.   Then we went straight to the gas station and filled completely up and I've sworn to keep a half tank in at all times.
Wrote this

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Sandra said...

Heather you are an angel! Thank you so much for your card it made my day! I'm so thankful we do lunchladies as well. I'm grateful for your friendship. Thanks again.