Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monster Concert

Traeden participated last night in the Monster Concert at the USU Kent Concert Hall.  It was quite a concert.  They had 465 student play in just one hour.  On stage there was 20 pianos and several keyboards and the concert was just seamless.  They had a great storyteller tell a fun story that kept the whole family engaged the entire hour.  Traeden played an exciting piece called "Fire Dance."  He did awesome!  They had three rehearsals this week to get it ready to play.  The family enjoyed the concert and had fun sitting by Grandma and Grandpa Titensor.  Then we got treats at Zeppi's which was yummy!
Devin has encouraged the kids to be in the Stake Play with him and they have been going to a few practices and seem to be enjoying it.  Throughout the day I hear some of the music from "Joseph" from at least one of the kids.  I think it will be a great experience.  I'm excited to be in the audience and the supporter of this event.
Last weekend we decided we needed to experience winter so we drove an hour up the canyon and went tubing up Logan Canyon with a friend.  It was a blast.  Our friends own an old Snowmobile that was used to pull the kids up the hill.  This was so nice and made the sledding last for more then just a couple runs because everyone is just so tired to climb up the hill again.  We sustained no injuries, which I was grateful and just had a great time in the outdoors.
We are looking forward to Valentines and have plans to make lots of sugar cookies, go on a Titensor Couples dinner at Maddox, and have a ward Valentine party.  We are also looking forward to having a new Titensor join the family.  Danny and Melissa are due to have a baby at the end of February.  They are having a boy.

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Way to rock it, Traeden!