Sunday, February 12, 2012

BOM study and preschool

Devin and I have been studying the Book of Mormon in a new way this year and it's been great.  Each night we alternate asking each other a question that the other must answer from scriptures from the Book of Mormon.  It has been fun, challenging and very enlightening.  We have done better with couple scripture study since we started this then we ever have.  Last night Devin asked me, "Why is the church called after the name of Christ."  I've learned a lot and it's fun to try to stump each other so we really have to search and study.  

I am really enjoying my preschool.  I really feel like I'm doing something good for these kids and it's a great feeling.  We went on a field trip this week and it was awesome.  We did a combined music therapy group (intergenerational) with a group of older adults at Sunshine Terrace and Terrace Grove.  To see the smiles from both the children and the older adults was priceless.  It brings a whole new level of energy when children interact with their grandfriends.  I did my internship at Sunshine Terrace and so the memories of this was just so special to me.  I'm so grateful for Jennifer Birchell (my internship director) and all she taught me.  Jennifer and I planned this session together and it was so much fun to do this together.  I would like to do this each year with my preschool.  


Bridger Elementary PTA said...

What a great idea to ask each other questions. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to come up with that many questions.
I hope it's okay for BriLynn to come on Tuesday. I thought about it after you left and I worried I pushed her onto you. Let me know if another day would be better.
Oh as for the appliances.....I wouldn't mind new ones. My worry is the problems I have heard with "new" appliances. aka our dishwasher grr... I think we will end up getting a new stove and dishwasher (as it looks terrible) and ask Kevin puts it, would need updated if we were to sell and wait on the washer and dryer. Hope you have a great week!

Sandra said...

sorry I always forget to look what I'm signed in as.