Sunday, September 18, 2011

Working this weekend

We had a great week and good weekend.  David and Bonnie moved into their beautiful new home.  The boys helped them move over and I took the kids to my parents to play.  Michael and Samantha just played and played.  I hardly saw them because they kept busy.  The twins did so well and hardly cried.  After lunch they took a four hour nap so we just kept them until they woke up.  My mom and I were able to pick grapes and start juicing them.  My dad and grandpa's were digging the foundation out for the extention for the barn.  It was quite the site to see my two grandparents in their 80's and my dad who is recovering from back surgery move around dirt.  As soon as Devin got back from moving he got out their and helped finish it up.  I sure have some amazing hard workers in my family.
Today in ward choir we sang a song called "Come Home." by Michael Moody.  It was so beautiful.  We had a violin that played with us and it was so neat.  The music has an English feel.  It's one of my favorites at the time.  You can find the music online or in your Aug 2010 Ensign.  Here are the words.

1. Come home, the Father calls.
Come home, my child, to me.
Come home.
The Holy Ghost will lead you to eternity.
Lest we forget our home’s with God,
This lovely earth, its seas, its sky
And all things beautiful and true
of Heav’nly Father testify.
2. Come home, the Savior calls.
Come home all who’ll obey.
Come home. The gospel guides
along the straight and narrow way.
3. Come home, loved voices call.
Come home where you belong.
Come home to live in joy
forever in our fam’ly throng.
Words by Penelope Moody Allen
Music by Michael F. Moody

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Bonnie said...

Thanks again for your help! It was so great not to have to worry about the babies and we were able to get so much done. Devin was a great help as well. We appreciate it so much!