Sunday, September 11, 2011

And were Off...

Wow, where did the time go.  Summer just flew by and now we are back in school and whirling in harvest.  I love fall.  It is such a beautiful time.  We didn't have a garden this year and I truly miss is.  Devin and I just celebrated our 13 year anniversary and I believe this is the first year we did not have a garden.  The kids do have one pumpkin growing and one tiny watermelon that we are hoping will get bigger quick before it freezes.  Traeden has been in charge of watering it all summer and has done a great job.
Traeden is in fifth grade this year!  He has a fantastic teacher and he is doing so well in getting his homework done so far.  He has made some good friends at the new school and is enjoying playing soccer at recess.  He is on Book 7 of Harry Potter.  He gets through one of those books in about a week or two.  I decided to read number 7 again and he is trying to beat me.  I'm sure he will!  He has a new piano teacher named Camille Jensen.  She is a senior in high school and plays the piano beautifully.  She studies with Gary Amano at USU and  Traeden really responds well to her.  He is doing a duet festival in November and gets to play with one of his friends from south campus.  I have been really proud of Traeden because he is making some good choices and being such a good brother.  He rides the bus to school with Conrad every morning and he makes sure they stick together and Conrad doesn't leave his violin on the bus.
Conrad is in 3rd grade and also has a great teacher.  She is allowing him to go to 7th grade Orchestra M-Thursday.  Conrad plays Harry Potter at recess everyday and has acquired a wand (a stick he found by his favorite climbing tree) to cast spells with.  He is loving cub scouts and does really well in passing things off.  I think he wants to get everything signed off (even the optional ones) in his book before he turns 9.
Samantha started Kindergarten.  She loves her teacher and her teacher aide Miss Mauria.  She has really been a great helper for me during preschool.  Since she is the big kindergartner she helps the kids with their writing and crafts.  She is going to go to Band with Traeden on Monday's and play her flute.  The band teacher has never had anyone this young in band so it's an experiment. She starts tomorrow so we will see...
Abigail is our big Preschooler.  She loves singing and we have to remind her when it's time not to sing.  Mom continues to work with her on the piano which she loves.  She is always the one to pull me to the piano and tell me it's her turn.  She also likes to play the "flute"  She makes flutes out of sticks, wooden spoons, and anything that vaguely resembles a straight stick.  We are debating starting her with Rebecca Fuller Flute studio but still not sure.  I'm still hoping one of my kids will learn the harp so I can learn too.  =)
Well we have been extremely blessed an watched over in the last few weeks.
I have some really great preschool students and almost have three full classes, which is amazing I think.
Our van isn't driving very reliably so I thought it would be a good idea to train the kids to ride the bus to and from school.  The first week we all took the bus together until I felt like they were ready to do it on their own. They did great.  Everyday went so well, until last Friday.
I meet them at the bus stop and walk them home and When they didn't get off the bus where I pick them up on Friday I got really worried and hopped in the van to try to find them.  I first went to the school to see if they forgot to take the bus and then I went to the transit center.  They weren't there so I talked with the main bus guy who could walkie talkie with the bus driver who drives their bus.  He told the driver their were three kids missing and to look for my three kids on his bus.  The driver said he didn't see them.  I then started to panic.  Could they have gotten on the wrong bus, did Traeden go home with a friend and taking the other two with him.  I had no idea what to do.  I prayed all the way home.  While Abigail in her seat was going over the conversation I had with the bus guy out loud.  She was saying things like "I can't find my kids, they have blond hair..."  I went home hoping they would be there but they weren't so I called Devin.  He told me to stay home and he would go out and search.  I started calling some friends to see if they saw them after school.  In the meantime on the bus... Traeden was reading his book and told Conrad to watch for the stop.  Conrad fell asleep.  Which is why the bus driver didn't see them.  Traeden reading, Conrad and Samantha asleep.  They missed their stop and luckily Traeden realized this and started watching for when the bus goes back on the other side of the road.  Anyway they made it home a little after 5:00 pm and I was so happy!  I called Devin who was still driving to the transit center with a picture of the kids.  He and I were about ready to call the police. We are getting a phone for Traeden's backpack just for emergencies so we can locate them and not have to worry.
First day of Kindergarten!

Devin just got home last night from the Red Rock Relay.  He ran with his brothers.  He has been the race King lately.  He ran the Man vs. Mud race on Saturday the 3rd with two of his friends then on Labor Day he ran the 10k in Wellsville.  He has really enjoyed running lately especially if he does it with other people.
Before the Race all Clean

After Race all Dirty


Sandra said...

Holy cow that would scare me soooooo bad. Glad they made it home safe. What is wrong with the van? Love the "after race" picture!

Brittany said...

I can't imagine how scary that would be! I'm so glad that they were all right!