Sunday, March 13, 2011

Settling in

It's been a while since I've posted anything because we have had quite the month.  It has been a month since we moved to Smithfield and are really feeling like we are finally settling in.  I can actually cook in my kitchen and find everything I need to.  For a while I was in survival mode and now I can look a little beyond maintenance.  There is a lot that has happened so I will just touch on a few things.
We did a lot of driving because the boys were still going to Nibley for school and then this last Monday they transferred to Thomas Edison North Campus which is easier for me to get them back and forth to school.  They are enjoying being the new kids and have excellent teachers.
Devin and I spoke in church a week after we moved in our new ward on Covenants
Stake Conference was the next week and I sang in the Relief Society Choir and we then lost Conrad.  Devin search the restrooms and all the hallways then he felt prompted to look in every classroom.  Still no Conrad, then he thought to look on the stage and noticed a classroom and found him sitting in there all by himself waiting for his primary class to come.  We had never had stake conference in our own building before so he just thought we were going to primary after sacrament meeting.  We were pretty nervous for a while but now we find it funny and cute.
Devin's parents flew home from their mission on Friday Night.  We got to visit with them for a short time at the airport and look forward to visiting with them next weekend when they report.
I just got sustained to be the Relief Society Pianist and I will also get to play for the Spanish Branch Sacrament once a month.  I think that will be some fun callings that I will enjoy.
We had an open house for friends, family and neighbors to come see our new home a couple weeks ago and it was so great to see so many come support us.
We feel so extremely blessed to have a renter for our Nibley Home.  They just moved in this weekend and they signed a two year lease.
The snow is melting and we are looking forward to getting out and doing some bike rides, yard work and some family outside play.


Sandra said...

Thats great that they could transfer. Ditto on the snow melting and getting outside. This warmer weather is making me itch to plant flowers.

Shanell said...

We were in Las Vegas last week, but I wonder if our kids may be in the same classes? My kids both have amazing teachers, so it would be awesome to have your kids in there with them.
I am so excited for your new home, it sounds like it is all working out very well for you and we can't wait to come and see it.

Crystal said...

Hello, Heather! Remember me? Your long lost best friend from 4th grade? I can't believe I found your blog. I just googled you one day, out of curiosity and here you are! I can't wait to catch up on all you've been up to all these years by reading here. Your family is beautiful and I hope you are doing well. :)

overlyactive said...

Crystal, Wow it's been so long. How fun. I would love to catch up. I tried to look at your blog but it was private. Could you add me to your readers list? Thanks!