Sunday, March 27, 2011


Nibley Moving.  We had so much help from Maple Valley ward it was so awesome!!  Thanks so much!

New Neighbors helping us move in.  We had to put ice melt down on the cement so no one would slip.  Again, lots of awesome neighbors who didn't know us at all came to help.  Gotta love the Elder's Quorm!
Besides all the help from friends and neighbors my parents came up Friday Night and got us all ready to move and then they stayed all day Saturday and got our beds up.  I am ever so grateful for good parents!  Thanks Mom and Dad.  David, who just moved to Utah himself came up for most of Saturday as well.  We had a few things that were hardest to move.  The piano was tricky but we left the best for last.  We stored our treadmill in Deonne and Gregs garage for a month when we were trying to make our home look more spacious for potential buyers.  So after we were in our house for a couple weeks Devin got the treadmill with the help of Greg and Alex in his truck. Once we got it to Smithfield we called over Dan our awesome nieghbor and the three of us (really just Dan and Devin) got it in the house.  This is after the front door was taken off and doing some twisting and turning to fit it in.  It was a beast.  This is not just a little treadmill.  It's one of those incline trainers which Devin thought we would have to keep in the house because it is so heavy and just awkward to move.  It is a miracle that it got in the house.  Now the question still remains, Does it still work after all the moving?
  Jon Parker drove this huge semi that fit all of our stuff in one load.  Jon was so gracious to let us use his truck, help load it, drive it to Smithfield, unload it and then drive home.  We thought we would have so much room but it was tight to get it all in.  We ended up putting all the hanging clothes in my parents explorer, several things in David's car, some in the red pickup and all the plants in the van.  I really don't want to do this again.  I hope we are here to stay for a long while!
Conrad is now 8 years old.  We took an afternoon to go get his scout stuff at the scout store.  Here is his bear which he dressed up as a scout.  He is so excited to be a scout and way excited to be baptized in a couple weeks.  He had a friends party here in the new house with his friends from Nibley and two friends from Smithfield.  We played a few fun games, had ice cream and cake, did a guitar pinata, and then watched Toy Story 2.  Birthdays are so much fun!

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Sandra said...

Conrad is 8 wow where did the time go. Glad you had so much help, I'm sure it made things go much smoother and faster.